Hydraulic Connectors

Hydraulic City is exerting great efforts to serve its customers in most consumable and highly demanded hydraulic products. Top of that are connectors “hoses, pipes, Adaptor and Fittings”:mwsilat

Hydraulic hoses: –

Rubber Hose – 1 Wire. –

Rubber Hose – 2 Wire.

– Rubber Hose – 4 Wire.

In order to promote services of quality standards for its valued customers, Hydraulic City has obtained and exclusive agency in the Middle East for a pioneer Austrian company in manufacturing hoses “Semperit”. Hydraulic Pipes:

– Seamless steel hydraulic tubes

with diameter from 6 – 38 mm.

– Hydraulic pipes made of stainless steel with diameter from 6 – 38 mm.

This is in addition to:

– Freon Hose. –

Diesel Hose. –

Air Hose. –

Stainless Steel Hose. Vast varieties of Ferrules, Fittings and Adaptor which are available in most sizes, in addition to famous and known types in interanational markets

, participate in satisfying customer needs in a prompt and distinct way.

Due to the need for quick services in hoses field,

Hydraulic City has provided hoses assembly equipment from the German Uniflex which is a pioneer in this field. Hydraulic City has supported all the previously mentioned with connectors service center to service its valued customers in compressing hoses,bending pipe and connectors machining. mwsilatF