Control valves

Control valves Hydraulic control is the base of automating and controlling industrial systems . Due to that, Hydraulic City is very keen to provide a selective variety of valves and various hydraulic controls . uThe most important products available at Hydraulic City are :cam 1-Directional control valves: – Industrial controls with flow of up to 800 liters / minute and pressure of 350 bars. – Mobile equipment controls with flow of up to 200 liters / minute and pressure of 400 bars. Chick Valves. 2-Pressure control valves: – Relief Valves. – Unloading valves. – Reducing valves. – Sequence valves. 3-Flow control valves In line Flow control valves Moduler Flow Control valves With Flow Rate Up to 400 l/m & pressure up to 350 bar Also Hydraulic City provide control valves consisting of one or more of the control valves listed above for several applications. Hydraulic City offers a wide network with a lot of control manufacturers in order to satisfy specific needs and orders. aza
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