SEALS The high sensitivity that governs seals performance has led the hydraulic city to give an utmost attention to its products of hydraulic seals, with respect to the selection of high quality products that covers most of the applications and needs,You will find in our possession the following products, and with sizes that range from 20 mm and up 350 mm :– Rod Seals. – Piston Seals.

– Wiper Seals. – Wear Seals. – O-Rings. – Oil Seals. – Seals Pack Up. – V – Packing. This wide range of seals in addition to the diversity of dissections and material, enable our teams in hydraulic city to serve our valued customers in a better way. Furthermore, to satisfy our customer needs and their specific applications, our teams can provide their services through a network of suppliers who cooperate with hydraulic city around the world. The manufacturers of many applications choose special sizes and material for their seals, which makes it difficult to find the exact size and material available. This fact led Hydraulic City to open a center for seals manufacturing in every one of its branches. This aimed at satisfying our customer needs by manufacturing their seals from raw materials that are suitable for their specific applications.